Thursday, June 30, 2011

30/30 remix

hello again cute hat.  you might see it again tomorrow too, i'm just saying.  i have to give a shout out to the mister for buyin' me these cute sandals, thanks babe ;-)

i like this because it's simple, yet i have some color going on.  this is one of my favorite tops to wear because it is sooo comfy and loose.  i could tuck this in, wear a bold belt to mix things up, swap out these sandals for some wedges, add an over sized hobo bag. throw on a long necklace, and call it a night. ah the possibilities are endless.  did i confuse ya?!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

30/30 remix

dress-target; hat-world market clearance; necklace-tj maxx; belt-h&m; wedges-kohl's

oh the hat.  i must tell you that i look awful in hats.  therefore, i never wear them.  however, that doesn't stop me from wishing that hats looked good on me, and stopping to try cute ones on, later to just be disappointed that i still look like an ass.  well, i was so surprised when i tried this hat on for fun this weekend.  it actually looked pretty cute.  i got the cute confirmation from the mister and plopped it into the cart.

you will be seeing a lot of this hat, i am warning you now.   i will never know when it will stop looking cute on me so i have to take advantage.

i kinda look like a safari guide don't i?  with a cute hat of course!
my whole world is right here in these two, i love you boys!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

for caleb

a day at the lake

began with a nice walk along the lake front.

watching people as they passed by

even some touching of the grass without freaking out.  i think you are starting to like it caleb.

sharing your toys with your buddy and listening to the mama's talk while you played so nice was wonderful.
this is one of my favorite places to take you, the lake, where we will spend our summers together, enjoying nature.

with love, 

30/30 remix

tank-target, scarf-target, skirt- old can't remember, belt-vintage thrifted,  wedges-kohl's
time to go sailing shall we?!  you'd think i'd at least look excited to go sailing.  i would love to sail!  no? , not so much?...ok i tried.

i sometimes feel, when i wear this tank, that it is suffocating me, because it is just so snuggy snug.  i don't mind as much if i have a cardi or jean jacket on over it, but when i wear it alone like this, i get weirded out because it hugs all my rolly polls.  so i threw on the scarf to help me feel better, and it worked.  now if i would just smile :-)

Monday, June 27, 2011

30/30 remix

top-jc penny, skirt-?, fuchsia flats-target, belt-discovery, scarf-old navy

i need to figure out a way to get my shoes in the pic a bit better.  they added just the right amount of pop in this outfit.  i love how all the colors play off each other here when i mix the print of the skirt with a bold and stripy scarf.  me likey.

for caleb

this weekend we took you to your very first farmer's market as an outside baby (last time mama was 8 or 9 months preggo with you).  you love to be pushed around in your stroller and look at everyone that passes by.

we stopped and looked at some baby chicks.  you thought they were just so funny.  i bet they thought the same thing about you.

i don't think you knew what to think of these baby goats, but they were so cute.

seeing things for the first time through your eyes is a remarkable feeling baby boy.  this is one of my new favorite pictures of us.

you're still not too sure on this whole grass thing.  you held up your little leg in protest while dada encouraged you.

you were trying your best!

and then it was time to go.  by the way, this is how you like to roll.  you make everyone crack up when they see you sitting like this, but this is how you like to sit all the time in here.

we can't wait to take you to many more farmer's markets each summer weekend.

with love,

Sunday, June 26, 2011

30/30 remix

jeans-silver; cami-tj. maxx; shoes- target; belt and necklace- vintage thrifted; top-francesca's; 

i am loving wearing belts over tops and dresses.  i just paired this red one on a whim to see what it would look like, and i love it.  i would wear this out shopping, to work, or out to a dinner with the mister, it's pretty versatile and comfy.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

30/30 remix

dress-french vintage thrifted, heels-kohl's, necklace and belt-discovery

i got this dress on my first trip out to california to visit my sister years ago.  it sat in my closet for a while, and now i can't get enough of it.  i love the pockets and need more dresses that have them.  i am on a dress kick lately and want to wear one every day.  they make me feel so feminine and pretty.

Friday, June 24, 2011

30/30 remix

i feel like a cool mama in this outfit.  it's super easy to wear and i love the fun color combo.  thank you to caleb who napped long enough today to let me do this.

top-target, pants-gap, leopard flats-thrifted, necklace-?, belt-target

Thursday, June 23, 2011

week of 6-23/6-29
thursday:  tilapia tacos with cannelini bean &; tomato salad (had this tonight, was great)
friday:  spicy grilled pork chops, org. broccoli and carrots, org. roasted red potatoes
saturday:  steak, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, cucumber salad
sunday:  out for sushi
monday:  organic penne pasta with spicy italian turkey sausage sauce, big organic veggie loaded salad
tuesday: whole free-range organic roasted chicken, org. asparagus, brown rice
wednesday: i didn't plan this far ahead so we will see what i feel like serving.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


apparently i have issues with looking at the camera as you can see by all the pictures.  i ran out to meet a friend and her son for breakfast this morning, and needed something quick, fast, and easy.  so black maxi dress it is and a bright blue cardi for a pop of color and some needed warmth.  it was a rainy day today and i am just so blah, through and through!

dress-tj maxx, shoes-kohl's, cardi-gift from the hubs, necklace-gift

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

for caleb

we stopped at the park today for a quick swing during our daily walk.  you loved it as you can see.  mama was a bit worried because the seat was hot, but luckily i kept your cotton pants on and it was no problem.

it was a very hot and humid day today and stupidly i did not shorten our route.  by the time we got home thirty minutes later, we were both beet red and just a mess.

mama stripped you down to your dipey and gave you lots of water and you were content as always.

with love,

just peachy

top-forever21, shorts-kohl's, necklace-ny&co, belt-h&m, sandals-target
i love this peachy color that i am seeing popping up everywhere.  this top is very light and flowy which is nice for hot and humid days like today.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

father's day & an outfit

celebrating brian's first father's day, hosting a party, was a bit more stress than we signed up for.  after the morning chaos passed, we settled in nicely for the rest of the day.

lesson learned:  do a better job pre-planning all the food, so you don't run around like crazy thinking you can get everything done when caleb naps.  then you really screw yourself when caleb doesn't nap the entire morning.

brian loved the project that caleb made for him and caleb loved brian's lemon candies.

all the dads that were being celebrated today. 

top: kohl's, kirsch scarf:: gift, maxi dress as skirt:  tj maxx, ballet flats: target

i was stressed about what to wear today for this post.  i am not good under pressure with dressing myself and had clothes strewn about the room.  i had one of those days where i felt like nothing looked good and i couldn't pull it together.  i was over thinking things.
but these shoes, ahhh they make me so happy.  i love the bright fuchsia color and the ruffle detail.  i will wear these shoes into the ground, i love them.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

simple basics

 top: gap, denim shorts:  maurices, belt: target, nude sandals: target
today's outfit is all about sticking to basics and keeping it simple.  i added a pop of color with the belt.  i felt a bit stressed this morning to pick out something functional and super stylish for the day worthy of a post but i have to stick to my goal.  some days will be good and others, quick, easy, and to the point if you will!

i'm really digging the red door as my background.

for caleb

my sweet boy, you are ten months old.  how this time has passed so quickly, i'll never get used to it.  you love hanging out with mama each day of the summer since she is off.  

your favorite thing to do is go on our daily walks.  we have a nice big loop that we do around our neighborhood and part of the downtown where we live.  friday's are special days for us mama, because we stop at the most delicious chocolate shop that is on our way and mama treats herself to some yummies.  this is mama's favorite thing to do each day as well.  you start to giggle now with excitement as we enter the garage and i open the door. 

everywhere we go, people stop us and tell us how beautiful you are.  it doesn't matter where we go, we always get stopped each and every time.  i think you are the most beautiful baby out there and my heart just swells up with pride when people tell us that too.
you haven't been quite ready for chunky food, you tend to throw up or gag on anything with some texture to it.  although you do seem to enjoy eating bananas right from the whole thing.  you also like when i mash up some blueberries, you eat those right from my fingers.  and soft cooked carrots cut up are fun for you too. 

i love being here with you each day, watching you grow, and when you get so excited when you learn how to do something new .  you love to pull yourself up on my lap and do it over and over all day long (you even do it when you're swimming).  you know what the word no no means.  i think you learned the meaning of that since i said it a zillion times to try to get you away from the kitty's food and her water fountain ( you love to splash in there).

i cherish each moment with you and am so blessed to be your mama, i love you caleb.

with love,

Friday, June 17, 2011


dress: kohl's, shoeskohl's, belt: loft, handbag: marc from ideeli, necklace: thrifted

this simple white summer dress is perfect for these hot humid summers.  i added a belt, a peach necklace, and metallic wedges to complete the look.  very easy to wear and it also is easily accessible to nursing which is a must for this mama!
phew, this wasn't so bad for my first outfit post.  just wish my camera was better

30/30 remix

i'm ready to take on kendi's remix outfit challenge even though i'm freaked out about it.  here are my 30 items of clothing that i will mix and match and wear only these to make 30 different outfits in 30 days.  i did not include any shoes in my remix photo line up so i have 2 items not photographed. i will still add different shoes and accessories to every outfit.

in looking at my items, i found that i have a lot more darker colors than i thought.  i will have to change that for sure when i can go shopping again.  i hope that i can actually come up with 30 decent outfits with these items.  i just pulled what i tend to wear the most in hopes that things will just fall into place.

i'm thrilled to try something new and challenge myself.  it will be tough taking pictures myself since i have to work with a self-timer on my camera and a baby crawling all over, most likely caleb will be in most of the shots.

well here goes nothing!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

new stuff

so what do you think of the new design i created?  i am very proud with the way it came out since i have no design or imaginative skills really.  also, i have some new regular topics that i would like to feature on my new blog.  i am trying to be more open and honest with my writing and just let go without letting "what will so and so think if i write that"  my favorite blogs to read are the ones that are just so raw and honest.  i have learned a lot from reading others' blogs, and i have intertwined my favorite pieces of each of those to create my own.

first off, this new blog's focus will be "for caleb".  i really want to have the main focus of my writing to be about his life as described by me, written to him.  did that sound too wordy? i think you get the gist.

I also would like to feature "mama style".  i wanted to name it, "hot mama", but then i thought that name would make me sound like i thought i was actually hot in any way.  Ha, that sounds funny just saying it out loud.

i've really fallen in love with some awesome fashion blogs, that taught me about dressing fashionably, even if you're a mama, that i want to try my hand at outfit posts.  i am on a mission to keep looking stylish, fit, and well put together as much as possible so i don't fall into the "grungy" mom trap.  I am accepting kendi's 30/30 remix fashion challenge after my shopping trip today.  so i will be posting a lot of outfits next week as i sort and organize my treasures.  my challenge will be photographing myself using a timer and whatever i can find to put the camera on that will fit all of me in the frame without missing appendages.  stay tuned for some laughs here.

"what's cooking", will be a weekly segment on exactly that, what my husband, i'm cooking.  i am really looking forward to sharing my menu plans, recipes, and food photos with you.

stay tuned...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

for caleb

you really gave mama a hard time yesterday. i don't know why you are fighting all your naps lately.  but when i went to check up on you, i found you asleep like this, with mr. seahorse's tag in your mouth.  i did a silent laugh out loud, you know the kind where you are just busting out laughing without noise?!  i was so afraid you were going to wake up when i grabbed the camera to take your photo.  i turned the flash off, and prayed to god that the shutter noise would not wake you, it didn't.  this was just too cute to pass up.  thank you for making me smile.  you woke up five minutes later.

with love,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blog Overhaul

This blog is getting a major overhaul.  Yep, a new name, focus, and look.  I hope to have it up later tonight if Caleb allows me the time. 

Oh, I'm so excited, I hope you are too.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

mama's night out

The dads were on duty Saturday night so us mama's can go enjoy a night out.  Shannon and I were excited to walk to the martini bar, since it's only a matter of minutes from my house,and enjoy some drinks.

 Daddies on duty.  All the boys just hung out together, how cute are they?
 We each enjoyed 3 cocktails!  I know crazy right?!
 Chocolate is a must on a girls night out.  It was delish.  I was upset they took it away when all the dippers were gone, because I wanted to ask for a spoon to scoop out the chocolate that was left.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Birthday

Sto Lat moja siostra (happy birthday my sister, in Polish).

A piece of my heart remains with you in San Francisco.  I wish for this year to bring you all the joys in life that you deserve.  There's not a day that goes by that I don't wish we lived in the same city.

Tonight I will celebrate you with a cocktail in hand thinking back on all the memories we have created together.

Love ya Turkey!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I leave Caleb alone for just a second so I can at least pee alone, and this was why it was all too quiet...

Monday, June 6, 2011


I love our new neighborhood.  Caleb and I look forward to our daily afternoon walk, sometimes we even go out twice.  Today I snapped some photos of our surroundings.  Living here has made me realize that I long to be near a downtown area, where I can just walk out my door, walk for 3 minutes, and be at a cute vintage shop or a martini bar.  I am really drawn to mature neighborhoods with lots of trees, and houses that are all different.

 He is all set and ready to go.  BTW this angle makes caleb's feet look massive.  They are pretty substantial but not like this.
 We are surrounded by gorgeous Victorians.  I just love studying all the intricate details of these stunning homes.
 This one has been for sale for quite some time.  I got to take the online virtual tour.  I just wish I could knock on the door and ask for a tour.  It was built in 1898, it's probably haunted.
 Heading back up towards home is this lovely tree that just surrounds you like a warm hug as you walk beneath it.

 Ahh yes, my favorite one of the bunch.  This belongs to my next door neighbor.  I have to make nice nice so that he will invite me over for some tea or something.  He even has curtains hanging on the garage windows.  The paint colors are so beautiful on this home and this photo just doesn't show it off well enough.
This Victorian is across the street.  I think I need to go out on nightly walks so that I can get a better look of the inside when all the house lights are on.  Is that creepy? 

Every Friday, I am going to walk and get a chocolate from the chocolate shop that is down the street or alternate and get an ice-cream cone from the ice-cream parlor.  The downtown is also filled with some super cute antique shops.  Brian and I walked the downtown recently and just window shopped, pointing out cool things we liked.    Well today I received a surprise from him in a bag, it was the vintage apron that I loved that I said reminded me of Poland with its designs.  What a sweet man I am married to.