Wednesday, June 25, 2014

strawberry picking

i really can't believe that the last time b or i have gone strawberry picking was when we were wee little tikes.  this was such a super fun time!  there is something so great about getting down into a plant and choosing your own ripe red berry to pop into your both that satisfies all senses.  caleb was just picking strawberries left and right and eating all of them.  he would yell out, "ooh here's a good one!"  and plop it in.  mom came with and even though it was hot and she was sore from her previous day's work, she loved it as well.  annual tradition for us.

 i love that caleb's eyes are closed in this one.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

fun with play-doh

being home for the summer is the best perk of my job as a teacher.  i have the best of both worlds, a wonderful career, and being home with my son a lot!  we love playing with play-doh and here are some of our creations.  i was pretty proud of my watermelon making skills.  caleb's favorites are making ice-cream, rockets, and caterpillars.

what are some things you have created with play-doh?

Monday, June 16, 2014


from the first few days of life, and even before that when caleb was growing inside me, brian was an amazing father.  he took to this role instantly and ever most tenderly.  he was always talking about how he couldn't wait for caleb to grow a little bigger so that they can do things together like play ball or go fishing.

this weekend was the first actual time they went fishing.  caleb, as you can see, loved it.  b showed just as much love back to him with his patience in helping him cast his pole and also saving it from accidental drowning as caleb threw it in the pond.

to the most loving father i know.  i know that caleb will experience the kind of love that i never did growing up, and it makes me love b even more.

i love you both!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

caleb's life lessons

as we were walking through the parking lot yesterday to go into target, caleb picked up a piece of trash from the ground.  i immediately told him to drop it because it was yucky.  he looked at me seriously and said, "no mama, we have to throw it in the garbage!"  picture this with the best 3 year old serious face complete with a brow furrow and duck lips to show his insistence.

today caleb, you taught me not to pass up a time to do something helpful for the earth and that it's no big deal to pick up trash, we just go in and wash our hands.

thank you for that life lesson.  i will always cherish your strong will to do the right thing.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Caleb was so excited for Easter this year.  With each passing year, he is able to comprehend more meaning surrounding these celebrations.  This year, he was most excited about the Easter Bunny bringing  him eggs to find in the yard.  We also went to a traditional Polish Easter basket blessing where Fr. Joe accidentally got holy water in Caleb's eye, and Caleb let him know it, so Father decided to have some fun with him during the blessing.  We hosted our families and the mister made a killer spread as usual.  It was such a glorious day filled with the warmest weather and gratitude for how much Jesus loves us.

Monday, April 14, 2014

week one

I finally have enough resolve to take a true look at myself and see that I am not happy with my appearance to do something about it.

Today was week one of waking up before work to begin my road back to fitness and health.  It is hard talking about weight loss for obvious reasons, and I have been in denial for long enough so here it goes. 

After I had Caleb I was super fit and in great shape, but as soon as I stopped nursing 2.5 years ago, the weight has been creeping up slowly and I've been ignoring it to a point.  I thought to myself that I looked fine, I should stop being so self critical.

I didn't like the way I felt about myself because I knew what my potential was.  So, just talking to a friend of mine has finally motivated me enough to kick it into high gear.  I have tried getting up early before to no avail, and have done a half ass attempt at working out after work for about a year without being consistent resulting in yo-yo weight loss and gain. 

I would think to myself that this is just the way I am going to look like now and I should accept it.  Well that all changed last Friday at work when I was asking my friend how she does it, I mean get up at 4:45 AM to exercise?!  I asked her what her motivation is and she said these simple but powerful words to me, "I want to exercise".  Hearing these words said so plainly hit me like my toddler running full force and jumping on my  stomach.  It took my breath away for a moment.  

"Because I want to exercise.

Those simple words changed the way that I look at myself and my situation of working full time and being a mama and wife.  I want to feel better and look strong and healthy.  In order to do that I have to make the effort and I am so glad that I have begun.