hi, i'm sabina. i live my life as best as i can to please God.  i am in love with my beautiful family and am so blessed to be a mother to my son caleb, and wife to brian, for they are everything to me.  i love to read, read, read, blog stalk, put together outfits, eat sweets, drink wine, serve at my church, talk to my best friend and sister, and make people happy in any way that i can.

i teach fourth graders and have a riot most days doing so.  i love being a teacher and couldn't imagine teaching another grade.  i tried teaching first graders and couldn't handle all the crying and peeing.  i have some great people that i work with, that God has brought closer to me through our mutual faith.  i love learning about new ways to teach and new things to do, i just wish i had more time.

im trying to balance motherhood, wifehood, housekeeper, and teacher all at once.  it's very challenging and most days i feel like im failing in some area, but i won't give up trying.

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