Saturday, June 18, 2011

for caleb

my sweet boy, you are ten months old.  how this time has passed so quickly, i'll never get used to it.  you love hanging out with mama each day of the summer since she is off.  

your favorite thing to do is go on our daily walks.  we have a nice big loop that we do around our neighborhood and part of the downtown where we live.  friday's are special days for us mama, because we stop at the most delicious chocolate shop that is on our way and mama treats herself to some yummies.  this is mama's favorite thing to do each day as well.  you start to giggle now with excitement as we enter the garage and i open the door. 

everywhere we go, people stop us and tell us how beautiful you are.  it doesn't matter where we go, we always get stopped each and every time.  i think you are the most beautiful baby out there and my heart just swells up with pride when people tell us that too.
you haven't been quite ready for chunky food, you tend to throw up or gag on anything with some texture to it.  although you do seem to enjoy eating bananas right from the whole thing.  you also like when i mash up some blueberries, you eat those right from my fingers.  and soft cooked carrots cut up are fun for you too. 

i love being here with you each day, watching you grow, and when you get so excited when you learn how to do something new .  you love to pull yourself up on my lap and do it over and over all day long (you even do it when you're swimming).  you know what the word no no means.  i think you learned the meaning of that since i said it a zillion times to try to get you away from the kitty's food and her water fountain ( you love to splash in there).

i cherish each moment with you and am so blessed to be your mama, i love you caleb.

with love,

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