Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So today I turn 32 and there is nothing better but to watch this video of my baby over and over,. B bought me the sweetest card that left me in tears, as well as the New Moon DVD and a wonderful fondue dinner tonight. I was also spoiled with going to my fave salon for highlights. My sweet friend treated me to a nice movie and some fun girl time. I want nothing more but to spend my birthday being held by the man that I love the most.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby Photoshoot

We had our big ultrasound today and Baby is looking perfect. It was showing us it's awesome dance moves and stretches. It's in the 85th percentile for size, must take after it's daddy. I also found out that I have placenta previa, complete. That is where my placenta covers my cervix completely and the baby is above it. There is no opening for the baby to come out for delivery, and there are some risks for bleeding and such. Most of the time the placenta will move as the uterus grows and it corrects itself, but I have the most severe of it, covering all of cervix instead of just a little bit of it. I hope that at my next ultrasound in 6 weeks, it will have moved because if not, a c-section is our only option for delivery. I want to avoid that at all costs, so please send your prayers to God.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Last night we went out to dinner to celebrate Mom's B-day that was Tuesday, my birthday that is this Tuesday and B's B-day which is next Saturday. We went to a great restaurant called Montarra. http://www.montarra.com/ They have a wide selection of beautiful steaks to seafood. Mom ordered a french onion soup, and it actually came served in a whole onion.

20 weeks!

Here I am at 20 weeks, and it has flown by. This pic is not the greatest but oh well, I wasn't in the mood.

How far along?
20wks. 5 days today

Maternity clothes?
Love them!! The tighter the shirts the better. I love to show my bumpie.

Stretch marks? None, thank God.

Sleep? Ugh, it varies. I currently sleep on an incline and I make myself try to sleep on my left side a little.

Best moment this week?
Feeling baby's movement getting stronger.

Movement? Baby is active all throughout the day.

Food cravings? Everything that is not good for me. Cookies, cakes, chocolate, candy etc...

Gender? Not gonna find out, but I think boy

Labor signs? Nope.

What I miss?
Being able to eat crap without feeling guilty.

What I'm looking forward to?
Registering in a few weeks.

Emotions: Lots of insecurities about money and the future. Want to give my child the best of everything and what I didn't have growing up.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Surprise #2

I have the best job ever! I had a meeting today that was running a bit over at work. So I was anxious to get back to class, because I brought in birthday treats for my students and wanted them to have enough time to enjoy them. To my utter surprise, I walk into a surprise birthday party that they had been planning for 3 weeks for me! The assistant principal was even in on it and had presents and cupcakes stashed in his office all day. He kept coming into the meeting to see if it was coming to an end soon so he could radio back to the sub that I was on my way back. He was even putting up streamers while I was at the meeting. One girl that had planned it, even baked me special gluten free cupcakes! I wanted to cry, it was so touching. They kept telling me to look at the presents in the tent, it was cute. They even bought me some things for the baby.


So this morning I went into the laundry to find some pants, and when I opened up the door...SURPRISE! Kitusz was snuggled up in all my freshly laundered clothes.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


So I was home sick today with an upper respiratory infection and decided it would be a good day for some beauty action. I felt fine just very congested and stuffy. I've been feeling frumpy since I got this bad haircut, not at all what I had told her I wanted. Today was the last day of feeling frumpy, so I decided to go to my favorite salon and get some sunshine put back into my hair. I like the result.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Went on a nice walk with the hubster today and took an opportunity for some nature shots. It was 60 degrees out here today and we must take advantage.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Things I miss...

So my first official blog post is a bit of a daunting feeling. Will I be lame and stupid? Or will I find my rhythm in writing? We shall see... Anyhow, I am happily just a day away form being 20 weeks pregnant and still learning to deal with things that I couldn't or shouldn't eat or do. SO, I decided to start a list and here it is,
1. Coffee
2. Intense gym workouts
3. Cold lunch meat
4. Ice cold coke (a whole one)
5. Sleeping on my stomach
6. Taking medication for aches and pains
7. Skiing
8. Drinking martinis
9. Sushi with tuna in it
10. My flat toned abs