Thursday, June 16, 2011

new stuff

so what do you think of the new design i created?  i am very proud with the way it came out since i have no design or imaginative skills really.  also, i have some new regular topics that i would like to feature on my new blog.  i am trying to be more open and honest with my writing and just let go without letting "what will so and so think if i write that"  my favorite blogs to read are the ones that are just so raw and honest.  i have learned a lot from reading others' blogs, and i have intertwined my favorite pieces of each of those to create my own.

first off, this new blog's focus will be "for caleb".  i really want to have the main focus of my writing to be about his life as described by me, written to him.  did that sound too wordy? i think you get the gist.

I also would like to feature "mama style".  i wanted to name it, "hot mama", but then i thought that name would make me sound like i thought i was actually hot in any way.  Ha, that sounds funny just saying it out loud.

i've really fallen in love with some awesome fashion blogs, that taught me about dressing fashionably, even if you're a mama, that i want to try my hand at outfit posts.  i am on a mission to keep looking stylish, fit, and well put together as much as possible so i don't fall into the "grungy" mom trap.  I am accepting kendi's 30/30 remix fashion challenge after my shopping trip today.  so i will be posting a lot of outfits next week as i sort and organize my treasures.  my challenge will be photographing myself using a timer and whatever i can find to put the camera on that will fit all of me in the frame without missing appendages.  stay tuned for some laughs here.

"what's cooking", will be a weekly segment on exactly that, what my husband, i'm cooking.  i am really looking forward to sharing my menu plans, recipes, and food photos with you.

stay tuned...

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