Sunday, June 19, 2011

father's day & an outfit

celebrating brian's first father's day, hosting a party, was a bit more stress than we signed up for.  after the morning chaos passed, we settled in nicely for the rest of the day.

lesson learned:  do a better job pre-planning all the food, so you don't run around like crazy thinking you can get everything done when caleb naps.  then you really screw yourself when caleb doesn't nap the entire morning.

brian loved the project that caleb made for him and caleb loved brian's lemon candies.

all the dads that were being celebrated today. 

top: kohl's, kirsch scarf:: gift, maxi dress as skirt:  tj maxx, ballet flats: target

i was stressed about what to wear today for this post.  i am not good under pressure with dressing myself and had clothes strewn about the room.  i had one of those days where i felt like nothing looked good and i couldn't pull it together.  i was over thinking things.
but these shoes, ahhh they make me so happy.  i love the bright fuchsia color and the ruffle detail.  i will wear these shoes into the ground, i love them.

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