Saturday, December 29, 2012

california fun

we had ourselves an amazing time in cali for our 4 day trip to see my lil' sis graduate from nursing school, with honors might i add.

i was so worried about missing caleb and brian, and i did at times.  but i have to say that people were right about having time away and that it would do this mama some good.  i was fine until we skyped with caleb and he was just beside himself in tears, and asked b to go outside so he can look for me in the sky on the airplane.  we all lost it then.

i am so proud of how hard my sister worked to graduate and i am so thrilled for her and her next adventure, hoping that her new job will land her closer to us here, fingers crossed.

at the virgin terminal so excited to head out

ahhh in the sky, this is for you caleb, mama on the plane

in front of my sister's house in sf

at one of my fave places in sf, the palace of fine arts

waiting for the bus after a looong day of walking and shopping with babcia

my gorg sis at her honor's luncheon induction

only 6 students from my sister's nursing class were inducted into the honor society

graduates walking into the theater

sis received her pin

woot woot, she did it

after our amazing dinner at park tavern restaurant

yes we actually dipped our fries in caviar

minutes from my sister's house in sf, what a view

i didn't want to say good-bye to this place.  this is the other side of the golden gate along the headlands, driving along the coast.

Monday, December 17, 2012

trimming the tree

just a few snap shots of tree decorating and starting our first elf of the shelf tradition this year.  we decided on the name of elfie, for our elf, i know so traditional, however it so works for caleb.  he loves finding elfie each morning.  he also knows what day we are on the advent calendar to get his "big chocolate". 

we put our tree up in stages, it took us about a week to slowly do it.  i wasn't in a rush this year and really liked the simplicity of just having the lights on.  i also wanted to take the commercialization focus off of all the decorating, and focus on the true celebration of christmas which is Jesus.  caleb loves Jesus and talks about Him all the time.

caleb even wants to bless elfie with our holy water, but i told him he can't touch him.  i am trying to teach him that we celebrate Jesus' birthday on christmas.  he seems to understand in his own way and i can see God's love radiate through him.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

california without

i will be leaving to see my sis graduate from nursing school next week in california.  i have to leave caleb for 4 days with b, and i don't know who i should worry about more.

i have never been away from caleb over night, and going for 4 days is going to be hard.  i imagine myself bawling when i have to leave him, and thinking about him every second asking b where i am and that he wants me.  it's already tearing me up inside.

i am trying to keep my focus on the awesome accomplishment of my sister, and sharing that moment with her and my mama.  we are going to have a great time and tear it up while we're there i'm sure, but my heart will always be with caleb.

how do traveling mama's deal?