Friday, June 17, 2011

30/30 remix

i'm ready to take on kendi's remix outfit challenge even though i'm freaked out about it.  here are my 30 items of clothing that i will mix and match and wear only these to make 30 different outfits in 30 days.  i did not include any shoes in my remix photo line up so i have 2 items not photographed. i will still add different shoes and accessories to every outfit.

in looking at my items, i found that i have a lot more darker colors than i thought.  i will have to change that for sure when i can go shopping again.  i hope that i can actually come up with 30 decent outfits with these items.  i just pulled what i tend to wear the most in hopes that things will just fall into place.

i'm thrilled to try something new and challenge myself.  it will be tough taking pictures myself since i have to work with a self-timer on my camera and a baby crawling all over, most likely caleb will be in most of the shots.

well here goes nothing!!


  1. thanks, so far i love it. but i have realized that i should selected my choices a bit more wisely because i don't want to wear a bunch of the items! i hope i can make it.

    btw, love your blog and message girlie.


thanks for the nice comment :-)