Monday, June 6, 2011


I love our new neighborhood.  Caleb and I look forward to our daily afternoon walk, sometimes we even go out twice.  Today I snapped some photos of our surroundings.  Living here has made me realize that I long to be near a downtown area, where I can just walk out my door, walk for 3 minutes, and be at a cute vintage shop or a martini bar.  I am really drawn to mature neighborhoods with lots of trees, and houses that are all different.

 He is all set and ready to go.  BTW this angle makes caleb's feet look massive.  They are pretty substantial but not like this.
 We are surrounded by gorgeous Victorians.  I just love studying all the intricate details of these stunning homes.
 This one has been for sale for quite some time.  I got to take the online virtual tour.  I just wish I could knock on the door and ask for a tour.  It was built in 1898, it's probably haunted.
 Heading back up towards home is this lovely tree that just surrounds you like a warm hug as you walk beneath it.

 Ahh yes, my favorite one of the bunch.  This belongs to my next door neighbor.  I have to make nice nice so that he will invite me over for some tea or something.  He even has curtains hanging on the garage windows.  The paint colors are so beautiful on this home and this photo just doesn't show it off well enough.
This Victorian is across the street.  I think I need to go out on nightly walks so that I can get a better look of the inside when all the house lights are on.  Is that creepy? 

Every Friday, I am going to walk and get a chocolate from the chocolate shop that is down the street or alternate and get an ice-cream cone from the ice-cream parlor.  The downtown is also filled with some super cute antique shops.  Brian and I walked the downtown recently and just window shopped, pointing out cool things we liked.    Well today I received a surprise from him in a bag, it was the vintage apron that I loved that I said reminded me of Poland with its designs.  What a sweet man I am married to.


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