Friday, March 26, 2010

Surprise #2

I have the best job ever! I had a meeting today that was running a bit over at work. So I was anxious to get back to class, because I brought in birthday treats for my students and wanted them to have enough time to enjoy them. To my utter surprise, I walk into a surprise birthday party that they had been planning for 3 weeks for me! The assistant principal was even in on it and had presents and cupcakes stashed in his office all day. He kept coming into the meeting to see if it was coming to an end soon so he could radio back to the sub that I was on my way back. He was even putting up streamers while I was at the meeting. One girl that had planned it, even baked me special gluten free cupcakes! I wanted to cry, it was so touching. They kept telling me to look at the presents in the tent, it was cute. They even bought me some things for the baby.

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