Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby Photoshoot

We had our big ultrasound today and Baby is looking perfect. It was showing us it's awesome dance moves and stretches. It's in the 85th percentile for size, must take after it's daddy. I also found out that I have placenta previa, complete. That is where my placenta covers my cervix completely and the baby is above it. There is no opening for the baby to come out for delivery, and there are some risks for bleeding and such. Most of the time the placenta will move as the uterus grows and it corrects itself, but I have the most severe of it, covering all of cervix instead of just a little bit of it. I hope that at my next ultrasound in 6 weeks, it will have moved because if not, a c-section is our only option for delivery. I want to avoid that at all costs, so please send your prayers to God.

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