Thursday, December 13, 2012

california without

i will be leaving to see my sis graduate from nursing school next week in california.  i have to leave caleb for 4 days with b, and i don't know who i should worry about more.

i have never been away from caleb over night, and going for 4 days is going to be hard.  i imagine myself bawling when i have to leave him, and thinking about him every second asking b where i am and that he wants me.  it's already tearing me up inside.

i am trying to keep my focus on the awesome accomplishment of my sister, and sharing that moment with her and my mama.  we are going to have a great time and tear it up while we're there i'm sure, but my heart will always be with caleb.

how do traveling mama's deal?


  1. I would feel the same way! BUT, it's important for you to get away for awhile- and focus on your sister, IMO! :) As much as it doesn't seem like it, it's healthy for you AND your baby boy to be apart- just for a little little while- and those 4 days will FLY! The longest I've gone is 2 nights- and yes, I cried.. but it was a much needed vacation, to be ME again instead of Mommy 24/7. Makes you appreciate your kids even more! You can do it, and as much as you'll miss him, HAVE fun!

  2. i will have fun and am getting excited to go, but i am also a terrible flier, which interferes with some of the fun. but i can do this, and will do this. thanks for the support!


thanks for the nice comment :-)