Thursday, March 31, 2011

33 years

I have lived 33 years and that was the cause for our celebration yesterday.  I must say that it was one of the BEST birthdays I had.  I spent the day with my sister and my son in Lake Geneva, and the evening with my husband and dad as well.  I celebrated with my mom and Steve this weekend.

 3 generations all together.
 Mama's first birthday with Caleb, I was so happy all day.
 A little pit stop at Starbucks for some caffeine and photo ops
 Playing the tambourine, he really was doing it well.
 Auntie G and Caleb in Lake Geneva, it was a gorgeous day for walking.
 Caleb and Steve are having a stand off.
 Ah my bestie for life.
 Grampy has a mustache that Caleb likes to tickle.
 I had bought this bottle of wine years and years ago saving it for when B proposed to me, or another celebratory occasion.  However, I just couldn't drink it for whatever reason when the time came.  I decided that last night was the perfect occasion to open this 2002 bottle of Pinot Gris.  I was delsih!
 Winding down for the night
 My sister made this beautiful strawberry shortcake with whipped cream from scratch for me, all g-free.  They even sang Happy Birthday to me.

My request for dinner was burgers.  So B made stuffed burgers with shallots, swiss cheese, and mushroms.  Oh I gorged myself sick on that with fries, and coleslaw.  Oh man can he cook!


  1. Happy {belated} birthday! 33 is such a lovely age, kind of like 22 ;).


thanks for the nice comment :-)