Sunday, March 27, 2011

First word and teeth

Caleb said mama today!  I am sooo excited that it happened today.  I have been saying mama to him each and every single day since the day he was born.  I draw out each sound and just say it when I'm changing him, playing, or giving him a tubby.

He had just started to practice forming his mouth to make the m sound, and biting his lower lip since Friday.  Today as B was changing him first thing in the morning, I heard it, "mmmammma"  He said it four times in a row.  He would say it off and on throughout the day at random spurts.  I had my camera on hand to capture this magical moment, but of course he wouldn't say it as well as he did it just minutes prior.

I didn't  think this moment would happen so soon, but I am elated that he said it.  I wished so bad for him to say mama as his first word and it happened.  The video I have is not that great of him actually saying it.  He said it a few times in a row minutes before I started taping of course, and then as soon as I shut it off, he said mama as clear as day!  But you can see him mouthing the m's and he does a very soft mama toward the beginning, but you have to listen carefully or you might miss it. 

Caleb also has 2 teeth coming in on the bottom at the same time!  The bottom left is coming in a bit faster than its neighbor on the right.  It is soooo cute to see these little white pearls at his gum line.  The left side broke through the gum and the right one is just about to as well.  He slept through the night Friday night for 12 straight hours, but last night he was up frequently.  We gave him some Tylenol to help with the pain and hope to have a better night tonight.  It's hard to look in there and I probably can forget about capturing a photograph of them but I will still try to no avail.


  1. How cool you must be thrilled with him saying mama! Hope the teeth don’t bother him too much : )


  2. Oh the teething was hellacious for a couple days, man people need to warn me about that! He seems to be doing much better now that both broke through.


thanks for the nice comment :-)