Saturday, April 2, 2011

ode to sis

I feel like a part of me has been left behind since you left today. 

Our relationship is a very close one that only other sisters who share such a bond can understand.

I am reliving the fun times we shared this week exchanging fashion tips and beauty advice.  I will miss your pointers for sure!  I need to remember to tuck :-)

Caleb will miss his Auntie G and looks forward to the next Skype sesh soon.

I will think of you as I wake up tonight to Caleb's cries and will be jealous that you are sleeping soundly in your bed in the quiet.


  1. You are going to make me cry! I had such a great time with you and Caleb and sophie of course. Can't wait to see those chipmunk cheeks again. Love you sis!!!!

  2. I did forget to mention my new affinity for Starbucks java chip, frap with whip, courtesy of you! Miss you sucka'


thanks for the nice comment :-)