Monday, December 17, 2012

trimming the tree

just a few snap shots of tree decorating and starting our first elf of the shelf tradition this year.  we decided on the name of elfie, for our elf, i know so traditional, however it so works for caleb.  he loves finding elfie each morning.  he also knows what day we are on the advent calendar to get his "big chocolate". 

we put our tree up in stages, it took us about a week to slowly do it.  i wasn't in a rush this year and really liked the simplicity of just having the lights on.  i also wanted to take the commercialization focus off of all the decorating, and focus on the true celebration of christmas which is Jesus.  caleb loves Jesus and talks about Him all the time.

caleb even wants to bless elfie with our holy water, but i told him he can't touch him.  i am trying to teach him that we celebrate Jesus' birthday on christmas.  he seems to understand in his own way and i can see God's love radiate through him.


  1. Hey teacher, you have a typo in the title of your post dorko:)

  2. thanks for that, it was an early morning quick post, pre-coffee. I blame that.


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