Monday, June 4, 2012


it was our first time at a children's museum, and it was like heaven watching caleb explore each different room with such interest.  next time we go, dada is coming with us.  this time we went with caleb's future wife, aubrey, right lyz,?!  we had a blast, but it wore us out more than the kiddos.

 loved this race track for cars
 pushing a cart of course which is his fave thing to do when we shop, but this is just his size
 pressing a button to made the fan blow the blades and spin them
 choo choo
 oh the water room was a splash
 this was cool, press the button and a jet of water would shoot up and fall back down
 when caleb is pondering something, we notice that he bites the side of his lip
 drums filled with confetti
 band bang bang
 miss aubrey
 beaver face just for you sis
 painting the house
more pushing


  1. Great pictures! I love the children's museum here in Denver, it's our favorite! Im so happy that Caleb had such an amazing time, you can see it on his face in every picture!

  2. I love beaver face! Looks like a great place...hope we can go sometime.


thanks for the nice comment :-)