Friday, June 29, 2012

california here we come

a wonderful opportunity came about from my thoughtful sister to come see her in cali.  we are going to december to see her graduate from nursing school, but b and i haven't had a vacation since our honeymoon 4 years ago.  so i think we are taking the plunge and going to cali with caleb for a week or so. 

i'm freaking out because
1.  i hate flying and think the plane is going to crash no matter what
2.  i have never flown with caleb yet and don't know quite how to manage him sitting on my lap for 4 hours or dada's lap.  just thinking about a screaming toddler on the plane with no leg room is enough to send me into a panic attack.

i need help, what are some tips to travel with a toddler.  he's under two, so he will fly free and have to sit on our laps.  we do not have a laptop, but we have our phones for videos and movies.  how does one carry all that gear, stroller, bags, car seat, etc... oh my head is spinning already.  we are looking to go at the end of july in correspondence of our 4 year wedding anniversary. 

any ideas are welcome from seasoned travelers with tots, please help!!

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  1. We haven't flown with our little guy yet, so I feel your worry- BUT, my Dad works for the airlines, and has told me many times- the airlines try to make you and your baby as comfortable as they can! If you are renting a car (which your probably aren't since your visiting your sis) then you could have rented a carseat through the rental company, or just bring..or buy when you get there- an umbrella stroller, usually like 15 bucks at walmart. Not the BEST, but it'll do temporarily!:) If you go to the zoo, or somewhere like that- I'd just rent the stroller if you can! The less you bring on the plane, the better! As far as the plane ride- just bring LOTS of snacks, lots of games, movies.. maybe buy a few "new" things he's never seen to keep him occupied ect. Most people say the plane is a lot like the car, and helps them sleep! I'm sure he'll surprise you, and do just fine! We took my LO on a 7 hour car ride to Cali from AZ- and he did SO much better then I ever expected! Good luck and have so much fun on your vacation!:)


thanks for the nice comment :-)