Thursday, May 31, 2012


now that i am on summer break caleb doesn't have to wake up early to get ready to go to kristine's, so he has been sleeping in which is great for me as well but not so great when it comes to bedtime.  he will not go to bed before 9:30 and last night was 10:30 after being up screaming my name, crying, so i go in rock, read, cuddle and try again.  back to the same thing, bri goes in this time and it's 10:00 and caleb is just inconsolable and just wants me.  so he brings him to our bed and caleb tosses for a good 20 minutes throwing ninja kicks at my head and then finally his breathing changes and he's out.  this has been going on for a week now off and on.

i love when he sleeps with me, but then b has to sleep on the couch because caleb hogs the entire king size bed!  he has been extra clingy since we tried a sleepover for him at nana and poppy's house so b and i could enjoy a late date night, only to have to leave the middle of the movie and come get him because he just wasn't ready for a sleepover yet.  maybe he's a little traumatized from that, i don't know but he's sticking to me like glue.

i kinda love it.


  1. I'm not 100% sure on how I came upon your blog..I think it might have been though BBC? But I have been reading and enjoying your blog for over a year now! (I had placenta previa- and I think that's how I got here!) Our sons are the exact same age.. My little guy Tanner is 21 months old..and I love hearing and seeing what your little guy is doing- other then from reading about kids on BBC! :) I just wanted to leave you a little comment and let you know! If you're interested in my blog- let me know and I can add you with your e-mail since mine is private...although my blog is almost just ALL about my son- and family.. as I am not even close to fashionable! LOL :) Your little guy is adorable, take care! :) ~Alissa

  2. Alissa, yea that would be great to add me. Wow, I always wonder if anyone else beside my friends and family read my blog. It's nice to "meet" you and I look forward to reading about your little guy.



thanks for the nice comment :-)