Tuesday, August 30, 2011

so far

 i've had no pain since i've stopped nursing 2 days ago, yay.  caleb doesn't even miss it, which is a relief because yesterday he busted his lip on a chair and had blood pouring out of his mouth sending me in to a panic and i thought, what if he wants to nurse?!  crisis averted.  sorry for the side note there, it was our first accident involving blood and it was quite traumatic.

here are some positives that i am focusing on while i mourn my loss of nursing:

  • i am actually enjoying wearing any top i want that doesn't have to be easy to pull up or down for nursing,
  • i get to wear regular bras!!!!!! no big honking straps showing here and there,
  • i don't have to deal with the damn breastpump!!
  • my husband is allowed to touch my boobs again :-)
  • i feel back to my old self for the most part
  • i have more time at work since i don't have to pump, can you tell that i don't miss the pump?
  • i can drink as much alcohol as i want and not have to wait 2 hours for every drink or until caleb goes to bed
  • i can take any medication that i want, including echinecea and real cold medicines if needed
now i just hope i don't gain a zillion pounds since i'm not making milk anymore.  i have managed to lose all my baby weight and then some and i want to stay where i am at.  i guess i'll have to cut down on my daily doses of chocolate and ice-cream :-)

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