Sunday, February 27, 2011

tubby time

Caleb LOVES the bath, and now that he can sit up, it's even more exciting.  Our routine consists of me filling up the tub while daddy gets caleb undressed and ready.  I add the bubbles, check the temp with our turtle thermometer and in goes caleb.  He used to lay on his back for his tubby, and in would go the washcloth into his mouth and he would chew on it the entire time.  Now he sits and splashes the water all over himself and me while he chews his bath book.  I make the waterfall with his rinse cup and he reaches out his hand to catch it or put his tootsies out to feel it on his feet.  I give him the wash down and we sit and sing and play for a bit before getting out.

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1 comment:

  1. Bath time is Elliot's favorite time of day! Isn't it fun to watch them kick and splash? Can't wait until Elliot can sit up in the bath! Caleb looks like he's having a blast!


thanks for the nice comment :-)