Wednesday, December 29, 2010

top baby buys

Even though I have only been a mother for 4.5 months, I have come to appreciate a few must have items that I will share below.  These are the items that we use with Caleb, that we love, and have worked for us.

1.  Snap-n-go stroller

2.  Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym.  We use this every day, and it is my number one must have.  Not only does Caleb love the toys that dangle, but it also plays music and has flashing lights that just fascinate him.  I put him on this several times a day but it comes in very handy when I need to shower in the morning before work.  I just place it right outside my bathroom door and he plays safely.





3.  Boppy Upholstered Newborn Lounger - Seed Row.  We used this on a daily basis for the first few months.  This is how we survived all the late night antics with Caleb, we placed him in here for naps next to us on the couch where we could keep an eye on him, even though it says not have baby sleep in here, it kept him safe and secure and he LOVED it.







4.  Fisher-Price Baby Brentwood Rocker/Seat.  Caleb loved to be rocked in this as well.  The best part was the vibrating seat and songs that played.  We could leave him in this for 2 or 3 hours and he would just be so content sleeping in it.  It can also be used as a seat by locking the legs.

5.  Summer Infant Digital Temperature Tester.  We love this and use it with every bath.  It not only reads the water's temp but, also has a light indicator for safety of water; red, yellow, and green.  I always feel safe using this even when I thought the water felt good, it was too cold or sometimes to hot according to this thermometer.

6.  Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Newborn Starter Set.  We love these bottles and first introduced it at 3 weeks as the recommendation from our lactation consultant.  Caleb took to them right away and I continue to nurse him every day and he uses these bottles when he is at the sitters.  He does not have nipple confusion at all and still prefers to nurse over a bottle.  These bottles were made to resemble the breast and I that is why I chose them.

7.  Cloud B Twilight Turtle Constellation Nightlight.  We use this as a way to see in his room at night and to cast a nice glow when trying to get settled for bed.  This is in use every night!

8.  BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Spirit - Green.  We got the Moby wrap  for our shower, but I find it a pain the butt to use.  I love it once it's on, but it takes a while to get baby in and out, especially in a hurry.  So we went out and bought the Baby Bjorn carried and love its simplicity.  Caleb and I took many walks in this and also he loves to be carried around in this when we are at home and needs extra snuggle time with Mama.

9.  Precious Planet™ Khaki Sands™ Playtime Bouncer.  This is a must have because it is just awesome!  We love the vibrating seat, the dangling animals which we have named Henrietta and Ermie.  Caleb can now pull down the middle music maker by himself and just enjoys batting at his "friends".  He will stare at the lion and monkey at the top and smile at them.  He's in this now as I type this.

10.  Graco Sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Swing Center - Snuggly Safari.  This is a lifesaver!!!  I didn't like using it in the upright position when Caleb was a newborn because it was at a too high of an incline at its lowest point.   So,  I safely rigged it where he would lie flat by taking the swing seat off and laying it on the base a certain way.  My hubs assured me it was safe, and that is how we use it most.  C takes his naps here and often they will last 3 hours.   The darn motor just broke, we had it only 4 months but the company is sending us a new one free of charge.   We did not pay the price it says here on Amazon, not sure why it is listed as so, I think it is a misprint because we got ours around $160.00 at BRU.

11.  Boppy pillow.  I use this for nursing each and every day, can't live without it!  I also love to nurse him in my glider at night.  The glider is so soothing that it makes me sleepy.  I had it out in the living room for a while and then moved it into Caleb's nursery.

So these are my top  baby must haves.  There are more things that I love and use on a daily basis but these are the most important I think.

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