Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Got milk!?!

I sure do! I have been a pumping machine and have managed to pump 21 bags of milk with 5 ounces in each bag for a total of 105 oz. I'm quite proud of myself actually. The second shelf has now been cleared and has one bag on it. So, I pump if Caleb does not nurse on the other side or also before I go to bed. This not include the 3 bottles that are in the fridge ready to go. We have been giving Caleb a bottle a few times a week since he was 3 weeks old to get him accustomed to drinking out of it so this mama can go out places without having to worry about timing of meals. Daddy has been doing an incredible job feeding him while I'm away so I have full confidence that Caleb will be a-ok taking bottles from the sitter next week.

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