Wednesday, July 14, 2010

36 weeks!

• weight gain: The midwife let it slip that I gained 4 lbs in 2 weeks, she didn't know that I didn't want to know. Sheesh I almost had a heart attack.

•How big is baby?: should be 6.5 pounds this week

•Due date: August 10th, but I really think Baby will come a little early.

•Sleep?: It's pretty much a constant struggle and I'm driving my poor hubby with my sighs and flipping around constantly.

•Movement?: Lots of dancing in there, I will miss that the most. I'm trying to embrace it as long as I can these last few weeks.

•Food cravings?: watermelon and sweet corn on the cob from our local farm stand.

•Next apt: Next week July 22nd

•Belly button in or out?: just weird looking and scary

•What I miss: sleeping well

•What I'm looking forward to: getting a pedi tomorrow

•Feelings: calm and prepared most days


  1. I LOVE how round your belly is :)

  2. Oh that is sweet! I love it too and just marvel at how big it is and can't believe its size!


thanks for the nice comment :-)