Saturday, January 19, 2013


oops i forgot to post this, ha.  i found this in my queue.  oh well, better late than never i suppose!
christmas eve with mama
the best present of all
pops getting his ww2 mugs from g-funk
caleb came down with a fever on christmas day of 103, he was so sad, but snuggling with ga ga was healing
the best present from ga ga was this inflatable dino we coined zilla
just us girls in front of the town tree
ga ga waking up with her morning coffee while i make her pose
the polish tradition of breaking oplatki and giving blessings to those around us is  a huge tradition that caleb got to actually partake in this year.  this polish tradition is part of the whole christmas eve dinner extravaganza, wigilia.
the boy gets all these great gifts, but the i pad is all he wants to play with
stained hands after painting his ornament for the tree this year

christmas ornament 2012.  caleb is 2.4 years old

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  1. Ooh, there are some good ones in there! So good to see those pics...thanks for posting sis!


thanks for the nice comment :-)