Tuesday, June 26, 2012


i don't need a reason to want to curl my hair for the fun of it while i'm just playing with my son all day, so why not?  i love that i get to spend the summer months off from work and and be home with my buddy, but it doesn't mean that i have to be a frumpy frumperson all day.  i like that i can spend some time in the bathroom while caleb is quietly destroying playing in the bedroom while i try out the latest hair tricks i learned from a new blog or magazine.

this is the time that i can experiment with makeup because i don't have to rush off to work or be somewhere at a certain time, and it has been refreshing for me.  it's been really nice that the mister has given me some time to myself so i can run without having the fear that caleb will try to climb onto the treadmill while i'm on it or trying to shove something dangerous into his mouth while we hang out in the basement.

i think this is the most random post i've written, but it's just what was swirling around in my head and felt like writing.

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