Friday, June 15, 2012

22 months

there are so many fun and new things that you are doing my sweet caleb.  here are just a few of them.
  • you have this new thing where you say "ok" with a southern drawl instead of your usual "da",
  • you are so loving jumping and climbing especially on a trampoline,
  • you can't wait to go outside and play and especially go on our walks with or without the wagon
  • you made friends with the whole neighborhood, especially our friend/owner of a local antique store and her cats and ceiling fans,
  • you love to wrestle with dada,
  • you are wearing 18 month bottoms and 2t or 3t tops, size 6.5 or 7 wide shoes,
  • you love watermelon and freeze pops,
  • you still can't get enough of books and we can find you sitting in your chair in your room listening to your music and reading a book by yourself so quietly,
  • you kiss everything, boo boos, leaves, bugs, trees, flowers, water, horse statues,
  • you also wave at all these things and more,
  • when we're at the store and you don't want to come follow me all i do is say bye bye caleb and then you come running, until yesterday when you just waved bye and stayed in the middle of the floor playing and cracked up the people all around you,
  • everywhere we go you get noticed by someone, no matter where we go,
  • you are learning so many new words 
  •  you can recognize all the letters of the alphabet and can point them out on signs, books, and tv
  • you can count to 2 and then just keep repeating two as you keep on counting, it's so precious,
  • you love Jesus so much and say hi to him on our crucifix at home and you HAVE to give him kisses.
you are still a mama's boy and i never want to let that go.  i treasure and cherish each moment the best i can and tuck them away in my heart.  spending my summers with you each day is the best blessing that i can get. i love you so much baby!

with love,


  1. Caleb is adorable!! I love when he says ok....super cute :)

  2. Too cute! I love this age!! It's SO much work, but SO worth it..and it's SO amazing how fast they seem to be catching on to things! :) He's adorable.


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