Monday, April 9, 2012


the mister has misplaced the camera, and i have time to blog wouldn't ya know it.  so instead i will tell you about finding a tick on my son's head today while i wait for my camera to magically appear...

we were playing outside after work, when i noticed this brown thing in caleb's hair.  i got a closer look and freaked out because i realized it was a tick.  the mister isn't home and i start to internally panic, here is my sweet boy who has no idea he has a blood sucking, disease threatening bug on his head!  i immediately grab him call hubby and frantically tell him what's going on.  he tells me in the calmest voice to put a bunch of vaseline on it and he will be home in a few.  i run inside, throw a bunch of goo on a swap and lather up that puppy.  i then quietly smile and act cool, take caleb back outside to play while i pray to God and the Blessed Mother that this thing does no harm to my sweet baby.

the mister comes home and saves him by grabbing tweezers and pulling it off.  it wasn't on there long at all as there was no mark on his head. i in the mean time want to drop on the fall and collapse, tape a bubble around my boy, and pray something worse doesn't happen, while the hubs is taking pictures of the thing and looking online to identify the beast, just for kicks.

do ya think i over reacted?  uh, and no, you don't need to answer that.

on a side note, we bought a dining room table today at salvation army for $18 that we are going to make pretty.  so excited to have a big table now and more excited that brian and i can work on a project together.  i will take pics of the before, during, and after and hopefully we will have the table done this weekend.

i have just been hitting the lottery at my recent thrift finds, that will be a whole 'nother post, on another day, if my camera ever finds its way back to my possession.

and no hunny i didn't go back and reread this to check for errors, so you don't have to tell me how many there are, kiss kiss

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