Monday, January 16, 2012

no jumpy

caleb, you got a jumpy for christmas and we were so excited to see you use it.  dada worked for a couple hours to get the thing blown up because his pump didn't work fast enoug, so he drove all the way to nana and poppy's house for their pump, then we found a hole, grrrr!

finally it was finished and we put you in.....
wait for it, wait for it...

ta da!  you hated it and cried immediately.  we were so bummed.  we have all the balls that go inside of it for a ball pit.  so more work for dada to deflate it and put it away.  i guess we will try it again this summer out in the back yard.


  1. Who would of thought that he wouldn't like it? he is so cute!

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