Monday, January 30, 2012


it is so hard being a working mama and it's taking its toll on me emotionally.  so i just have to put it out there that i feel like i have no time to put a 100% effort in anywhere.  i'm stressed at work wanting to do more but can't, not being there for my son all the time, and my poor hubby gets the shaft every time, not to mention the house is a disaster and i can't bear it some days.  i have this ocd tendency where everything has to be put in it's place and the mess and disorganization is driving me up the wall.

i can barely manage to put matching clothes on each morning that are modest enough for my liking and yet blog worthy...hence no fashion posts lately.  i'm trying to get up before work to work out at least and i've managed one day. 

i didn't mean to invite you to my pity party today but thanks for coming anyways.

 how do working mamas fit it all in without staying up all night and getting up at the crack of dawn?!


  1. I often have the desire to go back to work but then I honestly don't think I could manage right now.
    The extra money would be awesome but I just don't think well I know I couldn't manage my household-- I'm struggling now even after 10 months & being a SAHM

    I really hope things start getting easier for you!

  2. Thank you for the kind words Ashlee, you are very lucky to be at home. I'd love to do part time, but that's not possible teaching :-( I'll get the hang of it one of these days.



thanks for the nice comment :-)