Sunday, November 13, 2011

15 months

it was hard to get pictures of my little monkey today, he is just so busy!
  • caleb wears 18 months clothes and is really starting to need 24 month tops
  • he is very shy and sensitive and tends to run to me for protection and huddle around my legs
  • he cannot get enough of books, this boy loves to read and will even turn the book in the correction direction if i give it to him upside down
  • he walks backwards to get to my lap and just throws himself down in it
  • he likes to climb on the futon in the office, especially when we are not looking!
  • he carries a remote control everywhere in the house and tried to remote control the cat and all objects
  • he is still fascinated by ceiling fans and light switches, he likes to remote those too
  • he is picky with food one day and then the next he will surprise us and eat what he didn't want the day before
  • he definitely prefers fruit and sweeter foods over veggies
  • caleb loves to walk and be outside.  he tries to beeline it down the driveway and onto the street when i get him out of the car seat.  he will just start walking away and screams if i try to hold his hand or pick him up, that's fun, especially at the grocery store.
  • he backs down over steps or even ground.  he will actually get on his tummy and step down if there is even a small uneven part like from the garage to the driveway.
  • he loves to push and pull his toys all around the house.
  • caleb has 9 teeth with more coming each week, poor kid is constantly teething.
i can go on forever describing him and what he can do!  i love him so much and can't wait to see his beautiful face each morning when i go to get him out of his crib.

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  1. I can barely look at Caleb because he is getting so big and I don't like it. Miss him so much!


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