Wednesday, October 19, 2011

dear caleb

i have to tell you the funny thing that you did last night.  you are a squirmy wormy when i'm trying to get a diaper back on you.

well my dear, you had a dirty diaper that needed to be changed, so i did that, but instead of me getting your diaper back on, you had other plans to get up and "run" away.  i relented, and i let you wander around for a bit to let you get some air.  when i came back from throwing away your diaper, i noticed that you had poopies on your hiney, so i thought that you didn't finish going.  quickly i grabbed more wipes trying to wipe it up with you trying your best to get away, i turn my head and notice the big pile of poop you left for me on the carpet!!  i'm yelling for dada to come help me and i'm laughing at the same time because what else was i to do.

that's the last time that i let you wander around diaperless buddy.

with love,

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