Monday, September 19, 2011

13 months

here you are caleb in all your glory at 13 months my sweet dear.  thank you to uncle kloeckner for this shirt, you love it.  
  • you are a pro at walking now and love to "run" away holding something you've found or when mama is trying to come and get you. 
  • you are still fitting into 12 month clothes but are moving into 18 months
  • you love to self feed yourself most anything that is not slimy or slippery
  • you love to drink your milk
  • you're still taking 2 naps a day and sleep through the night from 8pm to about 6:45 - 7:15 am
  • you have 6 teeth now, 2 on top, four on the bottom
  • you have been bike riding with us and you loved it and you really just enjoy being outside and petting mr. chive plant out on the deck
  • you have the cutest little buddah belly in your jammies when your top starts to ride up
  • you have started to get really vocal especially at the table, you just talk and sing away, you still eat with your feet up on the the table.
  • you have started to be ok with mama leaving you at kristine's for the day because you don't cry anymore and just want to run off and play with the kids.
you are getting to be such a big boy with the biggest heart.  next week you are going to get your very first hair cut by the lady that has been cutting dada's hair since he was a young pup.

with love,

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