Wednesday, July 27, 2011

for caleb

we celebrated mama and dada's 3 year anniversary yesterday by going to the zoo.  when we opened the trunk to get your stroller out and realized we left it at home, we freaked out!  Luckily, they had stroller rentals.  Lesson learned, always check for the stroller, no matter what!!! 

our first stop and your most favorite part of the day was this fountain.  you were laughing so hard that we didn't know if you were crying or laughing, it was hilarious!  you really could have cared less about anything else in that zoo.

we missed the giraffe feeding by about 30 minutes, oh was i disappointed.

this was in the aviary where there were tons of birds just fluttering about.  you spotted one and wanted to touch it.

apparently the birds had an affection for your father because they wouldn't stay away from him.

it will be nice to take you back next year when you can appreciate the animals a little bit more.  you had a great time and so did we.

with love, 

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