Monday, July 4, 2011

for caleb

i am dedicating all of july to plan your very first birthday and i don't wanna!!  i cannot believe that in about a month and a half, you will be turning one. 

i want to make your celebration perfect, a reflection of you.  i go back and forth between themes, a vintage circus theme to just sticking with a color palette of tiffany blue and red.  do i make it a huge blowout or just include close friends and family, making it a more intimate affair?

i also am researching some cakes that are made with fruit puree rather than all this sugar and garbage frosting.  do i do a cupcake or big cake?  cupcakes for guests? what kind? 

what time of day do i start the party, noon, one, two?  i want to make sure you have your good morning nap in, but i don't want to totally throw out your afternoon nap, because you should have seen yourself yesterday when we did that at ya-ya's house!  not a pretty sight.

oh and your hair!  my dear, your hair falls below your ears and must tickle you all day because you are constantly playing with your ears like something is tickling you.  do i cut it before your birthday or after?  we are having a photographer capture pictures at your party the whole day, so i need to decide if i want you freshly trimmed or not.  she is also going to shoot your one year photos that day, so mama needs to dress you adorably for both that and the party.

i have a lot more going on in my head and need to hire a party planner, aka auntie g to come help me.  we will get all the details figured out, and it will be the most perfect party for you, my sweet son.

with love,

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