Saturday, July 2, 2011

for caleb

 we had a lovely saturday today strolling through our neighborhood antique shops.  i got some goodies including an adorable vintage strawberry pot holder, a white ceramic bowl, and a necklace.  i was in love, love, love with some gorgeous circa 1940's glasses (the kind you drink out of), but somebody and i'm not naming names, dada, hated them :-(  so no glasses for me.  

caleb, you were so tired of being in your stroller in the hotness of the stores without AC, so we had to carry you around.  it was a nice excuse though to go get some ice-cream to help cool off.  while we ate our ice-cream, you just chugged your water out of your shark camelback water bottle.  i think more ended up on your shirt, than in your mouth, but i'm sure it cooled you off and felt good.  
 it was just a good ole fashion lazy strollin' saturday!

with love, 

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