Thursday, July 21, 2011

11 months

another month has passed with fun memories spent together.  we recently went to see some animals at a local festival.  we were bummed because we thought you could get up close and touch them, oh well.  you were content sitting in our laps or cruising along anybody or anything.  you love to stand and cruise along whatever is within your reach.

you still hate eggs, i have tried to puree them for you, and just scramble them, but either way you are not having it.  i think next time, i will puree them and mix them into your oatmeal, sneaky mama, i know.  you really love to feed yourself cut up bananas and puffs.  you are still not into textured "baby foods", you gag.  i think you will skip right over that stage and move into table foods here soon.

you are wearing 12 month clothes.  i think you are losing a little weight because you are so active!  you can play catch with a toy on a string, you love to throw, you are getting good at walking while holding our hands, you love the water and going on our walks.  you are nursing about 3-4 times a day and you eat 3 meals of solids foods, along with a snack in the afternoon.  since you have been teething forever now, a frozen banana in your mesh feeder has become a favorite snack.  you are very watchful of how things work and you love to press buttons and crawl over by the window.  you are giving the cat a run for its money because you bat at it whenever she comes near and crack up. 

you take a morning nap around 9:30is to 11:15is most days and and afternoon nap around 2ish or so.  you go to bed at 8 pm and sleep through the night, most nights.  you're a big cuddler and love to be held by mama and sometimes only mama will do.  we sent out your first birthday invitations together and that seems right around the corner.  mama doesn't want to think about that too much because she gets sad at how fast the time goes.  but auntie g is coming next week and we are soooo excited for her to be here!  lots of fun things to do together.

with love,

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