Sunday, May 8, 2011

mother's day

I really got spoiled rotten today.  My hubs pulled out all the stops to make this day truly memorable.  Today was filled with beautiful memories that I will keep tucked away in my heart, like the card from caleb, with his handprint and footprint signature.   The mister is an amazing cook, he made all 3 dishes.  Spinach strawberry salad, shrimp & artichokes, and Thai lettuce cups.
 Nana with Caleb
It was a lovely day for a walk today, so we strolled through the neighborhood.
Caleb was fascinated by Poppy's beard.

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  1. Oh looks like such a fun day! You need to do an outfit post...hello cutest dress ever! Good to see Jerry and Ann. Miss you!


thanks for the nice comment :-)