Friday, February 4, 2011


My car wouldn't start this morning so I get to spend an unexpected day at home with my son, it has been blissful thus far being home for 3 days straight.  He has started to nurse from me normally again not like some plastic bottle with a fake nipple that he gnawed on and beat into submission, that is neither here nor there...

So while he entertains himself for a few moments, I jump online and what do I discover?  A few more blogs that I have to add to my list, crap, like I really need more. 

I am trying to improve my style and get back to spending more time on myself so my husband will want to take me out in public.  SO I find some inspirational fashion blogs like this and this to help light a fire under my ass.
I did clean and organize my closet and dresser yesterday, (gives self high five), because I had laundry that was still sitting in the basket form 2 weeks ago.  I told myself that I am going to clean out stuff I haven't worn in a while and I did start to throw some icky discolored things aside.  Now then, I proceeded to my tank top drawer, umm, yea you read that right, I have an entire drawer devoted to my 50 plus tank tops.  I only got rid of 2 because I made up reasons why I would wear each and every one, ugh.

I did make a little vow to myself to wear more dresses and skirts this year, so I need to go through those and see which ones would have quick and easy boobie access for the babe.  Honestly though,  looking at the huge amounts of snow out there does not make me want to beautify myself in a dress, which then I will only cuss myself out for trying to look better and freezing my hiney off.  We shall see, maybe I will invest in some wool tights.

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