Sunday, January 16, 2011


Caleb LOVES to eat!  He just started some rice cereal about 2 weeks or so ago every now and then but now it seems I can't get in him fast enough.  He is Adorable when I feed it to him because he reaches both hands out as I hold the spoon towards him and then he touches it and puts it in his mouth.

Today I made Caleb some avocado thinned out with breast-milk of course. He devoured it.  Oh how sweet he is when he eats.  I made it for him right before he was due for his next feeding.   I sat him down in his Bumbo chair with a bib on and we were ready to go.  He made a big mess and got it all over his face and clothes of course but that is part of all the fun. I'm going to stick to these 2 foods for a while and then after another week or 2 if all is good then I will introduce banana.  I was preparing the rest of the avocado by cutting it up,  pureeing it,  and spooning it into his little freezer containers all while Caleb was in his baby Bjorn helping me out by reaching for it.  I love this new stage of his life.  He has been in awe of me eating for a while now and he is just so happy to be able to eat himself and he really shows it.

We also went to our fave. restaurant, Tsukasa again, for our good friend Lyz's (hey girl) birthday dinner.  We brought the kiddos and had our other friends Tim and Malia join us.  What a great time we had and the  night ended all too quickly.  All in all this was a super fantastic weekend that I don't want to end.  Thank God I am off work tomorrow so I can snuggle with my little man for an extra day.

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