Thursday, January 20, 2011

5 months

Caleb turned 5 months on the 13th.    He has grown so much in all ways.  I love watching him zero in on an object and grab it with both hands and get that cross eye stare from so much concentration, Adorable.  He is getting very good at it and constantly grabs at far away toys and brings them to his mouth.

He also tried avocado on Saturday and couldn't get enough.  I think I fed him too much because I think it's still coming out:-)

Caleb loves to stand!  He wants to do it all the time.  When you take hold of his fingers when he's lying down and try to pull him up, instead of going to the sitting position, he locks his legs and go straight to a stand.  He is starting to sleep through the night 10-12 hours straight.  Let's see what else is new, mmm I think that is mostly it.  Here is some major cuteness...

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  1. Gosh, he is getting so big! And look at that grin while standing!


thanks for the nice comment :-)