Monday, December 20, 2010


We have been struggling for the past 2 weeks with Caleb's sleeping.  He would cry a lot before going down, then sleep for 30 minutes and wake up to only fuss and cry again, this would last for hours.  We were pulling our hair out, and I was crying myself because I was so tired.  Apparently everything we were doing was wrong!

This weekend we have begun establishing a nap routine and a new bedtime plan.  We found out this weekend that if Caleb was fussing to go down for his nap and we placed his lovey right next to him, it knocked him out!  He would hug it to his little body making sure he could feel it on his cheek and BAM, lights out!

2 nights in a row, he went down at night without a big fuss at all and slept until 12:30am for a feed and then right to sleep again until morning.  We also read on a forum that he should be awake for 1.45-2.00 hours and then need a nap.  So that is what we did all weekend and it worked.  He would start to yawn or rub his eyes or just stop being active and just get really quiet and I knew it was time for a napski.  He loves his lovey and was talking to it last night after I put him back to sleep after he ate.  He was content just laying there talking to it and hugging it.  What a relief to us that he can now entertain himself a bit in the crib and put himself to sleep.

I hope to keep this going when he returns to the sitter in 2 weeks after my winter break.

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  1. Same with my baby! Just as long as she has the lovey with her, she's an angel. :) Hope this would keep them happy for long a time. And hey your baby's sooo adorable :) Happy holidays to you and your family!


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