Wednesday, August 11, 2010

40 weeks

Ahhh 40 weeks finally, but where's the baby? I think this one is stubborn like its mama so it's just not coming out. Hopefully this week baby will come, just not on Friday the 13th because if not, then Monday I will be induced...My sister leaves on Thursday next week so this baby better not be too stubborn so she can spend a lot of time with it.

• weight gain: Happy to say it is 35 pounds not 50 like I had thought :-)

•How big is baby?: 8.5 pounds according to growth u/s today, but could also be as low as 7 3/4 pounds due to 10% inaccuracy rate.

•Due date: August 10th, but we're hoping this week, please please baby!

•Progress: dilated 1.5-2 cm

•Sleep?: I want to kill myself! Sleep sucks, I am in so my pain from sleeping on my sides, hips and pelvis feel broken when I wake up.

•Movement?: constant, this is one active baby. Boy are we in for a treat!

•Food cravings?: chocolate desserts and gelato, I have yet to get some gelato though

•Next apt: Friday, Aug. 13th

•Belly button in or out?: out and just weird looking and scary, yikes. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have the darn belly ring hole/scar that looks looks like a Picasso painting.

•What I miss: sleeping comfortably and buying cute summer clothes.

•What I'm looking forward to: This baby!!!!!!!!!

•Feelings: Ready, bring it!!

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