Wednesday, July 7, 2010

35 weeks

•Total weight gain: Think that I haven't gained since last week or just another pound, ignorance is bliss.

•How big is baby?: should be 6 pounds this week

•Due date: August 10th, but I really think Baby will come a little early.

•Sleep?: Great when I can sleep, these naps are causing major insomnia at night.

•Movement?: Baby is practicing escaping I think, lots of pressure and lightening crotch lately. I think Baby has dropped big time.

•Food cravings?: S'mores (made in the oven)fresh fruit like raspberries, and eggs

•Next apt: July 13th-after this I will start going weekly!

•Belly button in or out?: just weird looking

•What I miss: my figure and not having people stare at me and stop me to talk to me in the stores and the bathrooms. But I will say I should enjoy the attention while it lasts because after the baby comes, no one will give a crap about me anymore!

•What I'm looking forward to: pedicure and massage next week

•Feelings: calm and prepared


  1. I love the round belly! :) I've been tempted to take naps lately but I haven't given in yet so that I can sleep a little better at night.

  2. I have to not take naps anymore because really it ruins my day. But since I'm off from work all day, it's hard to not get tired from just laying on the couch.


thanks for the nice comment :-)