Saturday, June 5, 2010

Church Vows 6-5-10

Today we took our wedding vows in the Catholic church, it's called a convalidation ceremony. It's for couples that are married, but were not married in the church. B and I got married in a big beautiful beach wedding on July 26, 2008. I wanted to receive the sacrament of marriage through the church and it became a stronger desire as we were trying to get pregnant. The whole process took quite a while and so here we are together in front of God and I am 7 and a half months along. B is not Catholic but he saw how important this was to me and did it for me.

It was a very emotional experience for me especially having our little baby be a part of it. I kept it together until Brian turned to me and said his vows, I lost it right then and even Fr. Sherry got chocked up. It was a private ceremony, but we were surrounded by our best friends, Matt and Sue, my dad, and B's mom. It was very special and meaningful to me on so many levels.

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