Sunday, June 20, 2010

Baby Shower 6-19-10

My sister in law threw me a beautiful baby shower yesterday. It was an afternoon filled with lots of laughs and chocolate poop. Looking back on the pictures, I wish that I had posed with people that were there because all I have are action shots and not one with my own mom! My favorite game that we did was, each person got some magazines and a scrapbook page. They had to cut and paste body parts and make a baby that would look like what they thought Baby would be. I had to pick my favorite as the winner, and then all the pages were put into a lovely scrapbook for me. What a cool idea. I was very depressed that a lot of my friends didn't come and I even cried for a moment in the morning, but I got over it and was very thankful for the people who did come to celebrate with me.

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