Thursday, June 10, 2010

31 weeks

I am excited to have B put together the crib and changing table that came in yesterday! I've been doing pretty well and B keeps praising me for being such a trooper because I haven't really complained much at all. I was a bit shocked b/c I feel like I complain a lot about how I feel, but maybe not. 9 more weeks or so to go, holy crap!!!!!!!!

How far along?: 31 weeks

•Current Weight: 144 ( as of 2 weeks ago)

•Total weight gain: 24 pounds (huge sigh)

•How big is baby?: squash

•Due date: August 10th

•Sleep?: sucks

•Movement?: Very very active baby

•Food cravings?: Neapolitan ice-cream, rice crispie treats

•Next apt: June 15th-ultrasound on this one

•Belly button in or out?: half in half out

•What I miss: being very active, not tired all the time, breathing, walking around comfortably, being outside in the heat, I can go on and on...

•What I'm looking forward to: My friend's vow renewal wedding on Saturday and seeing Baby on Tuesday

•Feelings: Kinda poopy and kinda low energy

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