Saturday, May 8, 2010

glucose blah!

This morning I went in for my 3 hour glucose test, it was pretty awful. They drew my blood as a baseline, then gave me 100 grams to glucose to drink BARF! I sat there for an hour almost in an unconscious state from the sugar. They drew my blood again and I mentioned that I wasn't feeling great, so the sweet nurse gave me a private room to lay down in for the next 2 hours. That was heaven, I had a bed, TV, and ice-chips. I had my blood drawn 2 more times over the next two hours, and finally was released to go home and eat. I had not eaten or had anything to drink since 8pm the night before and left the hospital at 12:15 the next afternoon.

My whole day was thrown off and I felt like poop. I will get the results on Monday so hopefully I passed this time. Wish me luck.

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