Thursday, May 27, 2010

29 weeks

So far so good. I have decided that from now on, I am not going to look at the scale when they weigh me because no matter what they say, it's still difficult seeing those numbers creep up so quickly.

How far along?: 29 weeks

•Current Weight: 144

•Total weight gain: 24 pounds (huge sigh)

•How big is baby?: we've got a butternut squash

•Due date: August 10th

•Sleep?: not for a full night

•Movement?: Did ya see the video?

•Food cravings?: watermelon, strawberries, and blueberry pancakes

•Next apt?: June 15th

•Belly button in or out?: It's starting to come out

•What I miss: working out

•What I'm looking forward to: seeing Sex and the City with my fellow preggie friend

•Feelings: Tired and started to get bothered by not being able to do much without back pain or being out of breath.

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